My Son’s 1st Birthday Party Decor

For Christopher’s first birthday we decided to keep it relatively small, with just family and a few close friends at home. Initially we were just going to do tea and cake, but by the time it came around it was full blown party with a bouncy castle and full spread of food!! Our families are quite large and we had about 35 people, with 12 of which being children.

I wanted to make it a little extra special without spending too much cash so decided on a ‘blue and gold theme’ sourcing all the decorations myself.

Below is a breakdown with pictures and links to the items I ordered and what worked well.


These foil balloons were recommended to me by a friend. I ordered 11 letters, to spell out his name, and they were 99p each. The great thing about these balloons is that they do not need helium, you simply blow them up yourself and they have ‘tags’ along the top for you to string them up.

The ones I purchased came individually packaged without a ‘straw, but it is simple enough to just get a straw to use and some string to hang it up.



This was by far my favourite banner and the one that got the most comments and attention. Every one loved looking at how he has grown over the past 12 months and it look so pretty.

One thing to note is that the material of the banner is very nice thick almost glossy card, which made it a little difficult to stick the pictures on but I found that pritstick worked the best.



This was a random one that I stumbled across when looking for decorations. Here is the link to the one I purchased, however in the end I didn’t end up using the tassles banner as wasn’t a fan so kind of regret getting it as not the cheapest thing I bought. However, the ‘one today’ banner was perfect and his number 1 hat was just what we needed to get the perfect birthday picture.

Personally, I would not recommend this kit as I feel it is a little overpriced. Some of the others things I got were much better and did the job just as well.



This banner was actually beautiful! The quality was perfect and it photographed really well! It was perfect for the blue and gold theme and was easy to assemble and hang.




This was a bit of a last-minute purchase but ended up being super cute. I simply wrapped it around his highchair and then it meant we go some cute photos of him while he was eating. I wasn’t a fan of the string it came with but I didn’t have time to change it up.



I didn’t want to spend loads on party bags, as these can be surprisingly expensive, but I still wanted to stick to the theme. These took a little while to find but I was very happy with them when they came. Strong paper bags and very reasonably priced. I got more than I needed for the kids as I also sent cake home with everyone in one of these.

Additionally I purchased some ‘thank you‘ stickers for the party bags which I think added that extra something and made the bags look very well thought out.


We are lucky enough to have a close friend who makes amazing cakes and she was kind enough to make us a simply number 1 cake for his birthday. Not only did it look great but it tasted amazing. You can follow her on Instagram at:


In addition to the above we also purchased the below items from our local ‘birth to add complete the whole look:

  • Poundland Blue and Gold Happy Birthday Banners for outside the house
  • Blue and Gold Paper Plates
  • Blue and Gold Paper Cups
  • Blue Table Cloth

Overall we had a great day and Christopher was spoilt rotten by ourselves and all the family. I may do a blog post about some of the best gifts we have gotten for him since he was born and will link this here when I do.

Would be great to hear what sort of party designs any of you have DIY’d as well and how it all turned out!

Have a great day!

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