Story Time | My Love Affair with Essential Oils

Please read on for my slightly dramatized but completely honest account of my relationship with Essential Oils.


The Meeting

It was a rough start to the love affair. I was stubborn, resistant and basically a complete pessimist from the beginning.

I was first introduced to Essential Oils by my mother –in-law and initially refused to even give them a go. She had already started using them and was trying to get me on board – I wasn’t having any of it.

But, over time my resolve waned and my interest peaked. She was using aromatic diffusers around the house and it was amazing. The smell, the atmosphere, dare I say ‘the mood’.

I kept asking what she was using and eventually decided to purchase a starter pack which contained a small bottle of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. This was our first meeting, our first exchange and the start of what I thought could be a fun little fling that may not last.

The blossoming affair

I was wrong . It was instantaneous and became very serious very quickly – the love affair had begun. Within a few weeks of using the oils I was into a full routine using the oils every day.

A drop of lemon in my green tea every morning, Lavender diffused every night while I slept and peppermint to ease a headache or upset belly.

I was hooked. Sucked in and head over heels. It was all or nothing and I had started to try many of the other oils that were on offer. There are tons and I built up a nice little stock pile using most of them daily.

I joined the company’s advocate programme that offered discounts for monthly orders and encouraged sharing the essential oils via a multiple level marketing program! Red Flag!

It was a couple of months into this that I knew something was wrong and I needed to re-evaluate the relationship and take a step back. It was hard decision but I had reached breaking point.

The breaking point

I didn’t think it could happen. I still loved the oils, but I realised I had lost my identity. It was all about the oils and I was spending more money than I should have each month to keep up my monthly order.

I decided I needed to take a break, take a minute to think about where we stand and if there is a future in the relationship.

I cancelled my monthly order and removed myself from the marketing programme. It was hard, I loved the oils and couldn’t stop using the altogether, but I felt like me again

The resolution

We’re still friends. I still use my oils every day and will never allow myself to run out of my favourites (Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint and Melaleuca) but there have been boundaries set.

We have a mutual understanding that I need them in my life as they truly do work and make me feel tons better on a day to day basis. I just don’t have the time or resources to fully commit to a long term ‘serious’ relationship.

Plus I’m already married so…#awkward

I hope you enjoyed my brief Story Time. It was really fun to write and all completely true.

I do love my oils. Honestly, they are great. If you have never tried diffusing of using Lavender to help you sleep you’re missing out and I cannot rave enough about how much Peppermint has changed the amount of pain killers I was using.

Anyway, that is my personal experience. Let me know if you use essential oils or if you want more information about them.

I am happy to a full post explaining exactly how and why I used them but only if people would be interested. No doubt they will crop up in my other posts from time to time as they are a large part of my daily routine.

This post was inspired Daily Prompt: Aromatic

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