The How to of Gift Giving | 10 Tips to choosing the Perfect Gift

I love giving gifts. I think most people do. We love that feeling when you get it right and the recipient is over the moon. I honestly find that giving is better than receiving!

However I know that many people struggle with gift giving and it then becomes stressful. You can spend hours scouring the shops or the web to find the perfect gift and feel at a loss. Which ultimately sucks the fun right out of it.

So with Christmas just around the corner I compiled a list of tips and ideas for when you are approaching the task of choosing the perfect gift, at Christmas and all year round:



This is essential. You will never be able to get the perfect gift if you leave it to the last minute. Rushed gifts always end up falling flat.

It is not hard to plan. Birthdays /Christmas / Valentines they all happen at the SAME exact time every year – funny that. So if you keep these dates in your calendar and set reminders a good month before each event (I would give yourself 2 months for Christmas) then you will be set with time to spare.


Look and Listen. People will tend to tell you what they want without even meaning to. If someone’s birthday is coming up, pay closer attention to the things they half-heartedly mention. Notice if they are running low on a favourite perfume or mention a book they want to read. If you spend time with someone there are constant clues to the things they want and need.

This type of observation is always met with gratitude and sometimes disbelief when you get someone something they didn’t even realise they needed.


It doesn’t take genius to know that a fool proof method is to hone in on their specific hobbies. ( As long as you don’t get them something they already have). Think about the person’s interest. Do they love fashion? Do they enjoy running? Are they mad about cars? It is important to ensure that what you get they will like. Don’t get her jewellery if she never wears any. Once you have an area to focus on you can whittle down the options and get them something they will make use out of or really enjoy!

When gifting like this is also shows that you notice and care about them personally.


I would go as far as to say all your problems are solved if your recipient has a Pinterest account. Your shopping time can be cut in half. Simply go on take a browse and find something they have pinned. Literally stop reading here and so to Pinterest if they have it. You’re done.

It is one of the greatest apps ever invented and has made my life much easier when buying gifts for a few of my closest friends.


I am a big lover of experience gifts. In some cases stuff can only cause clutter and therefore stress. Experiences gifts provide lasting memories and can even be used to connect with friends and family again.

For me personally I love to receive vouchers for dinner / cinema. Every Christmas I used to dread to onslaught of boxes and body creams I would need to find a home for.

So I advised my family to get me either vouchers for restaurants of cinemas. They were happy as it was cheaper for them to all pitch in and me and my husband got some great free date nights out of it.


This is a great one if you are also low on cash. Giving some of your time to help them out with something is a great alternative to a physical gift.

Offer to babysit so they can go out with their partner. Do you have a usable skill? Why not offer to help set up their entertainment system or decorate their home? All offers of help are always met with gratitude.


I tend not to do this one unless I am really at a loss for ideas. It doesn’t have to be a last resort however if you know that person would prefer something specific. Some people write out lists for Christmas.

My best friend’s whole family still write a list and hand it around and it means everyone gets exactly what they asked for. So if in doubt ask them.


This is actually one I have yet to do myself. I have seen lots of great ideas for it and would recommend this if you have someone to buy for who ‘has everything’ or is a simple soul who doesn’t deal well with too much clutter or fuss. Donation to a cause that is close to them is thoughtful and make a difference in the world.


This has been a staple gift from children for generations and are the ones that get cherished and put on the fridge. But it is still an option as an adult. There are so many resources out there now to be able to make lovely bespoke gifts for not too much.

You could order something personalised from Etsy or similar but you could also do it yourself. Decorated frames or mugs, bake goods, handmade clothes – all are great options if you feel you have the skill.


Don’t scrimp on the packaging. It may seem trivial but there is nothing better than receiving a gift beautifully packaged. By putting in that extra effort you show additional time spent and care over the gift giving process. Unless they are a child – nicely wrapped gifts never go unappreciated.

The main thing to remember is that it a meaningful gift is always cherished more than an expensive gift. Be thoughtful, be kind and some case be funny and you are onto a winner.

Thanks for reading and l hope this helped. Leave a comment with any other tips of your own! Subscribe to never miss a post and Follow my blog with BlogLovin! Bye for now.


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