5 Things That Make Me Feel Anxious

It's normal to feel anxious from time to time, and it's important to know the distinction of that and having and anxiety disorder. I have personally never suffered from any type of anxiety disorder, but I have friends and family who do, and therefore have seen first-hand how debilitating and life altering it can be. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. In quite the contrast, those close to me tend to describe me as emotionally ‘put together’ and ‘self-assured’ and to a certain extent I am, BUT, I am not completely immune.

Why Do I Procrastinate?

The ‘Impostinator’ is the type of procrastinator that ‘seems’ productive by making themselves busy all the time. As I said earlier, no one at work or at home would ever question my productivity as I have always found ways to make myself seem busy, even when doing absolutely nothing.

The How to of Gift Giving | 10 Tips to choosing the Perfect Gift

I love giving gifts. I think most people do. We love that feeling when you get it right and the recipient is over the moon. I honestly find that giving is better than receiving! However I know that many people struggle with gift giving and it then becomes stressful. You can spend hours scouring the … Continue reading The How to of Gift Giving | 10 Tips to choosing the Perfect Gift