Whether it's in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, while they are at grannies, or simply having a nap, alone time is a rare but precious commodity. We all love our children but we all deserve….fuck that…NEEEEED some time to ourselves to be the best we can be for our kids. I used to feel guilty when I looked forward to my alone time but I have come to learn that it is best for everyone in my home that Mummy gets to watch GOT with a glass of wine.


The most stressed I ever felt as a mum was in the morning before a day at work. The first couple of back were a shit storm to be honest. Everything was a rush, I was late at least half the time and I was returning to house of horrors in the evening. So, I took a deep breath, read some blogs on being an organised mummy and decided to get my shit together. Below is a breakdown of my typical morning routine to get us all up and out the house on a working day.


The statistics show that in our current age, most women return to work after having a baby and regardless of whether it be after 3 months or 4 years it is inevitably met with apprehension, guilt, fear and stress! Unfortunately for us working mums, returning to work has become so ‘normal’, that the enormity of the whole process has slowly been lost on everyone and we are expected to simply ‘get on with it’ without any support or understanding.

Dear Diary #01

Dear Diary, It was our anniversary this week and it nearly went forgotten because Baby C is going to be one in 4 days!! Everyone did warn me, but I am genuinely shocked with how quickly this year has gone, and I am having many mixed feelings about it all.

A Guide to Being Friends with Benefits: Do’s and Don’ts

Are you considering having your very own Friend with Benefits (FWB)? Planning on entering into a ‘no strings casual sex’ type arrangement with the fit PT from your gym? Before you do, take a minute to consider two things. Firstly, are you the type of person who can successfully navigate this potentially tricky relationship? Secondly, do you know what needs to be done to ensure it goes smoothly, without anyone getting hurt?

Quora Question: Does anyone want to stay single forever? What is the reason?

"Does anyone want to stay single forever? What is the reason?" Asked on Quora Answer by Ella Louise: I have never come across someone who actually wants to stay single forever so I can’t answer for certain, but I imagine there are a good few people in this world who choose to stay single their … Continue reading Quora Question: Does anyone want to stay single forever? What is the reason?